Change Is Possible – 12 Steps to End Conflict and Restore Peace

Change is possible! This I know.
Knowing that change is possible is, what I consider to be, one of the most powerful healing instruments available to humans, along with showing love.

When we feel stuck we are in conflict with a part of ourselves that is afraid to change. Change is possible however and once we let go of fear of what we consider to be ‘unknown’ we open our ‘heart-mind-spirit’ to the endless possibilities for more positive experience.

Storm brewing over an Irish Lake

Storm brewing over an Irish Lake

I am from a land that has experienced as much conflict as any other war torn nation. Our families’ blood lines have been severed and afflicted by starvation and deprivation, our kin rejected, squashed and taunted for not giving up our plot.

In the past, change was slow. Humans traditionally passed on their knowledge of conflict pain from one generation to another unconscious of their detrimental gift.     Conflict equals tension. Tension equals blockage to the flow of positive energy required to function in the most effective way. When you pinch the stem of a plant you will possibly cut off its supply of nutrients and if you increase the force you will eventually damage its parts. This is what humans do to each other during conflict. This is what I unconsciously do to myself when I am not happy about something in my life. Thankfully change is happening around our globe. Conflicts rage for sure and change may seem hopeless to those who are entangled in the direst situations. But change IS taking place and more people are acknowledging that each of us has a part to play in the restoration of peace.

12 Steps to end conflict and restore peace:

• Acknowledge that conflict is damaging to our health and peace of mind (life).

• Seek inspiration from others who have shown that it is possible to CHANGE in order to have a more peaceful way of living. Hold fast to those examples.

• Educating oneself, learning about conflict resolution and mediation skills is a powerful way to deal with conflict and restore peace.

• If your conflict is with another person (or group/country), endeavour to hear their words and needs beyond their expressions of anger (or bombs).

• Acknowledge the needs of others they will trust that you have the heart to work towards a more peaceful solution.

• Learn to communicate your own needs without the force of anger (or bombs).

• See the common ground that exists between each other. We are all human beings…that should be enough.

• Imagine what life would be like for you (or your country) if peace is restored.

• Seek the help of healing therapies to encourage letting go of tension from your body and to encourage healing towards a feeling of well-being (self-care).

• Tune in to the essence of all living and non-living things (rocks, plants, mountains, rivers) our earth and Universe has much more to teach us than we may realise.

• Tune into your own sacred essence. The more we acknowledge our own uniqueness the more love and care we are willing and able to extend to others.

• Never cease to seek inspiration for change towards more positive ways of living.

A few years ago I spent a week in Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation learning ‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills’. It was a powerful learning experience for me in the dynamics of conflict, mediation and examining the powerful changes that have been achieved around the world including my own country. This course was appropriate for dealing with personal conflict too. Each person in the group had their own story and reason for being there. It was money and time well spent. I urge you to never give up on the fact that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.

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The Essence of Nature - Ireland

The Essence of Nature – Ireland

Caroline Cunningham Therapist

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