Reflexology – An Individual Choice With Many Benefits

Reflexology for restoration and maintenance of balance within the body, this is the standard phrase reflexology therapists are guided to use when advertising this remarkable therapy.

Authentic Reflexology

Authentic Reflexology

As a therapist I’ve had the opportunity to introduce clients to reflexology for the very first time.


‘I’d don’t understand how a treatment to the feet can cause me to feel as if I had a deep all over body massage! one recent client exclaimed at the end of her first ever reflexology treatment.

After a second follow-up treatment she remarked, ‘I have tried other therapies, but I have only ever fallen into sleep while having reflexology!

She had come for treatment as she had heard about the growing reputation of reflexology in fertility optimisation. Busy, demanding lifestyles can upset the balance for our hormonal system and while there is a dedication to research within the world of reflexology, clients tend to make their choices based on what they’ve heard from friends and family who have tried the therapy for themselves.

On the subject of fertility, the wonderful news of a pregnant client is such a thrill when it is announced. The relaxation that reflexology has the ability to induce is certainly powerful. Through working the reflex points on the feet (areas corresponding to the systems and organs of the body), tension can be released, even tension we are not aware of, the circulation of blood and lymph improves the nourishment of body tissues and the elimination of toxins, creating optimum conditions for our body and mind to function more smoothly.

Sometimes clients turn to reflexology when medicine has not been able to shed light upon the reason or cure for their ailment. So was the case of a gentleman who had a urinary problem causing him many trips to the bathroom, particularly during the night which caused further problems due to lack of sleep. He had been for scans and there was no diagnosis as to the cause of the problem.

He came for a total of 6 reflexology treatments, four weekly treatments and two fortnightly treatments. He noticed improvements after the first treatment and more rapid improvements after each subsequent treatment. He was pro-active in his healing as he pledged to drink less fluids in the evening, reduce daily caffeine drinks, take more regular exercise, doing some foot exercise with a tennis ball in order to loosen a very stiff ankle and foot. He was a new man within weeks, full of the joys of life and giving me added heath tips and philosophical advice. I was thrilled for his self-healing results through reflexology.

Another client sought reflexology as she had been experiencing very low energy and had stopped her regular jogging routine. When I examined her feet I noticed very large hard lumps on both feet above the heel at the inner and outer sides of the sole (plantar surface). They had been there for years she told me and her doctor had concluded that they were not life threatening. They may not have been relevant to her complaint but I recorded them on my foot charts noting the size of each and carried on with weekly treatments.

She had a very responsible fast paced job and reflexology was her way to completely zone out. She found the treatment highly meditative. Soon she regained her energy and motivation to resume jogging on a daily basis. Every week I checked the lumpy parts of her feet. I was noticing a reduction in their size. After ten weekly treatments two of the lumps were no longer visible and two were considerably reduced in size.

The response to reflexology treatment is individual. Each of us is unique and we deserve to be treated accordingly. As a therapist, I am dedicated to helping to the best of my knowledge and ability through the working of reflexes on hands or feet. Helping a client to relax from the very start of treatment and providing encouragement to take an active part in their own self-healing is are essential in my role as therapist. Creating a sense of being cared for can be the most important element of the treatment particularly if a person’s has been dealing with more traumatic issues such as loss or perhaps dealing with cancer.

If you have not yet discovered reflexology I invite you to give a try and visit my website for further details.

Therapist Caroline Cunningham of Authentic Reflexology

Therapist Caroline Cunningham of Authentic Reflexology

ABOUT Caroline Cunningham (Owner of Authentic Reflexology):

Caroline Cunningham is a professional reflexology therapist, trained to the highest standards as a registered member of Irish Reflexologists’ Institute Ltd. (M.I.R.I.L.). Caroline is also a qualified Reiki Therapist (Master Level), Graduate of Science, Education and Toxicology.

To make a booking:  CONTACT

Health Insurers provide cover (under certain policies) for reflexology treatments, be sure to check your entitlement with your provider.

Member Of Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd.

Member Of Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd.

©Caroline Cunningham

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