Value and Benefit – Authentic Reflexology

Considering an investment in your holistic health? Wondering what budget you can justify spending on natural therapy? Should you prioritise health before beauty or vacation? What is a reasonable price to pay?

As a therapist specialising in Reflexology I can help to answer these questions. My own investment in my holistic health is on-going as I continue to practice self-healing and continuously develop my healing knowledge and skills.

When I started out first, I sought therapy to support myself through challenging times, whilst making important transitions to improve my well-being. Reflexology offers a variety of benefits depending on the needs of the individual. 

For myself, I could feel the benefits which included alleviating IBS, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, clearer thinking, more positive attitude and zest for life. I knew that reflexology was a very worth-while investment for my future.
At that time I worked in full-time employment and eventually moved to part-time employment so I learned to budget for all of the essential living expenses including holistic therapy.

Not everyone who engages with holistic treatments, are heading in the direction of being a therapist themselves but the people who gain the most are definitely the ones who are interested in improving some aspect of their well-being not just for today but for the rest of their life-time.

Giving our minds and bodies regular, positive messages that are absorbed through the deep relaxation and releasing of tension that occurs during reflexology treatment, is like a training ground for life.

The benefits are not just to the person themselves they can have a much wider impact in our world.

Your improved well-being has the capacity to positively affect the well-being of those in your circle of family, friends, co-workers and also in the wider community.

The more ease we create for ourselves the more positive effect we can have on others with whom we interact.

So your decision to invest in your well-being has value not just for yourself.

Clients ask how many treatments they should continuosly have?

From personal experience both as therapist and a client I have seen more sustained results from a course of four to six weekly treatments. It really depends on the expectation of the client and how well they respond to the initial treatment.

For additional benefit I offer to teach my clients how to use reflexology for their own continuous self-treatment. This is optional but I highly recommend it. I also provide self-treatment workshops to small groups of six to ten people.

Today could be the best day for you to make this investment in your holistic health. The first step is to make a booking by visiting the contact page.

©Caroline Cunningham

Best Blog Article Finalist

Caroline Cunningham is a registered member of Irish Reflexologists’ Institute (IRIL)

Health Insurers recognise IRIL registered therapists for the provision of insurance benefits to their clients.


Member Of Irish Reflexologists Institute Ltd.

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