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5 Steps To Becoming A Robot – Is this happening to you?

Best Blog Article Finalist

Best Blog Article Finalist

Imagine a mechanical society with no thinking or feeling, everyone rushing about on automatic pilot, elbowing out of the way anything that appears on the horizon that doesn’t match in with this preferred mode of existence. Would you be happy with this? Do you think it is already happening on our streets? And what has Reflexology got to do with all of this?

The following questions may help to determine if you are in danger of joining the Robotic Race.

Q1. Is your life running completely on schedule, every minute accounted for, your targets maxed out to the last with someone reminding you that you could achieve a little more if you try harder (that someone could even be you).

Q2. Do you only read articles that start with headings such as ‘5 Steps To This’ and ‘3 Ways To Do That’ because you don’t have time to read real life stories of personal interest which aim to impart wisdom in a more meaningful way?

Q3. Do the important people in your life have the opportunity to connect with the flesh and blood version of your true self? Are you around long enough (and present) for that to happen?

Q4. Does your food taste really good? Does it interest you at all? Can you smell the subtlety of flowers and does colour have any impact on your being? What about birds? Are they just for birds?

Q5. Can you feel your toes? Are you becoming numb to what’s inside and outside of yourself? Do you expect to be repaired like a machine when part of you stops working, without your input or without any change from your current mode of being?

Assuming you are not yet a robot, use your intuition to decide if you are on the edge of robot living.

So how does Reflexology help to keep robot life at bay?

Reflexology reminds us that every part of our body and mind is inter-connected. Our feet are a sensitive part of ourselves. Therapeutic touch and care goes a long way towards ensuring that we remain in touch with our human side. When we show our human side we enrich our own lives and the lives of those with whom we interact. Colour, smell, taste and sounds have so much to offer us in rich experience. Aim to enrich your life. Show your human side. And give reflexology a go if you haven’t tried it already, you deserve to be cared for, you are human.

On behalf of actual robots, I apologize for suggesting that you are not appreciated in our society. The very first robot I ever learned of was HAL (Arthur C. Clarke Novels) and ‘he’ raised a lot of sympathies as ‘he’ paved the way for all robots. But better for us human’s to remember that this is what we are…human!  Have fun (o;

Authentic Reflexology - Therapist Caroline Cunningham

Authentic Reflexology – Therapist Caroline Cunningham

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Therapist Caroline Cunningham

Therapist Caroline Cunningham

Reflexotherapy with Hanne Marquardt

What is Reflexotherapy of the feet and who is Hanne Marquardt? Thanks to my ITEC studies in the history of Reflexology, I already knew that Hanne Marquardt has played a key role in the development of this wonderful therapy. So I headed to Kilkenny (Ireland) to discover more about this fascinating lady and therapy.

‘I’m going to be eighty soon’, Hanne informed us at the outset of our two day course. Her eyes twinkled perhaps with wonder and curiosity as to what this new age bracket might herald. That curiosity has remained alive and well for Hanne, who as a young nurse and physiotherapist became most interested in the findings outlined by Eunice Ingham in her book ‘Stories The Feet Can Tell’.

Eunice Ingham is attributed with developing the term ‘Reflexology’ and with the mapping of the whole body onto reflex areas of the feet, reflecting a micro-system of the whole person on the feet. Hanne wistfully reflected on the fact that she actually set out to disprove Eunice’s findings on the results of treatment by reflexology. In those early days the claims of reflexology were quite radical. As I attempted to probe Hanne with my own investigative questions I got a glimpse of how brave she must have been to challenge this pioneering woman.  Hanne admitted humble defeat in her efforts and instead developed a growing respect for her teacher and the practice of reflexology. She has earnestly and whole-heartedly, continued its development and practice, fine-tuning the position of reflex areas and treatment techniques according to her own findings and thereby opening the door to her use of the term ‘Reflexotherapy’.

Two days we spent with Hanne, eagerly listening as she imparted much wisdom and knowledge interspersed with humour and anecdotes for living simply and fruitfully. We watched intently as she demonstrated techniques for treating sensitive reflex areas and harmonising holds. We were put through our paces as she challenged us to locate the reflex areas corresponding to scars on the body of the person being treated. We practiced the treatment of such scars and all that she demonstrated to us under her watchful eye.

Thanks to pioneers such as Eunice Ingham and Hanne Marquardt, Reflexology has grown to be a highly respected and recognised therapy. In Germany, however, Hanne has gained even further recognition for her use of Reflexotherapy as she treats ‘patients’ instead of ‘clients’ and for ‘specific illnesses’ rather than ‘generally’. ‘Always remember’ she paused for effect, ‘you are treating a person not a body or just their feet but a whole person.’ In order not to forget this fact Hanne urged us to use the term ‘someone’ as opposed to ‘somebody’.

Studying with Hanne as our tutor was a pleasurable, productive and valuable learning experience. She clearly enjoyed the weekend also and is keen to return to Ireland soon to refresh our memories and provide opportunity for advancement of our skills. As we parted company she urged us to be creative in our practice and to be mindful of the unique potential that exists in all of us.

Copyright: Caroline Cunningham Author of Authentic Reflexology Blog.

Caroline Cunningham Reflexology Therapist

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